Aristotle and Plato Had Meetings and Paperwork Too

they didn’t just teach, or be great thinkers Like Einstein thinking and winking, Hawking flying through black holes and doing TV interviews

we are teachers, who have enough to do on any given day with that most precious cargo—–your children

we must meet this, paperwork that, password here, there, and everywhere

I just want to teach.

But, it seems like I always have a stack of impending deadlines, which want to get in the way of this magical day

I have a protective classroom force field, and I do not let “your” thing, get in the way of “our” thing

LM  11/15


Obscured by Mediocrity

Sometimes excellence comes along, and the rest are so mired in their mediocrity, that they get that mud in their eye, and while the kids are being bathed in starshine, their obscured eyes only see mud and they try to tab you muddy and dirty with them.

But, that starshine begins to dry the mud, and you hope that the dried mud flakes off and they begin to see what you are doing.  It is not your intent to upstage anyone in your domain.  In fact, you are not after pats on the back or “that a boy!”‘s.  You are there for the betterment of the human race and passing ideals of character, literature, community, a love of learning, and heaven forbid-fun,  on to children of different races, skin color faces, religions, and gene pools (even though we all crawled out of the ocean, and we were all refugees).

So the mud and the crap, with a little quicksand abides in their eyes and tangles their boring-same hair-dos.  You walk in a professional shirt and pants, trying not to get it on you, but someway, somehow, they will fling it on you, even though they are blinded by the dark.


a grain of sand rolled down a peaceful mountainside, and it started an avalanche, small at first, then unrelenting, until all in its path was being crushed, destroyed and pushed asunder

the grain of sand, who was just a little tiny piece of rock, he looked back at the destruction he had caused, and said to the crushed, dying, bloody, and mangled:

I did not mean for this to happen.  I did not realize my own strength.  I am sorry.

Holiday Poodles

Mrs. Cranston, her husband used to check her and her whims at the door of decorum and good taste, has taken to dying her poodles for various holidays.  She has five dogs.  Her husband has passed.

She dyed them rainbow when the Gay Pride parade was in session.  She proudly marched.

Christmas and they are red and green.  Halloween she goes orange and black, with various masks.  For Veteran’s Day, they have little uniforms.

At Thanksgiving, she has little outfits of colonists and Wampanoag.

For Chinese New Year she dies them red with yellow stars like the flag, and they carry sparklers.

The dogs are humble, and they don’t mind using the bathroom behind bushes to keep up the illusion.

The Mixed Human Salad

On a bed of lettuce, we have Swedes, Mexicans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Blacks, Okinawans, Arizonans, Local Hawaiians, Minnesotans, gays, police, firemen, military, business people, real cowboys-girls, teachers, coaches, doctors, professors, real estate agents, and some damn do-gooders.  Sprinkle on some Lion’s Club presidents and a Special Olympics coach or two.

Dig in to our family.  Please use Newman’s Own dressings.

Saul Bellow Writes:

On page 276 of Saul Bellow’s “There is Simply Too Much to Think About”, in the writing called A World Too Much With Us, he writes:

For a very long time the world found the wonderful in tales and poems, in painting and in musical performances.  Now the wonderful is found in miraculous technology, in modern surgery, in jet propulsion, in computers, in television and in lunar expeditions.  Literature cannot compete with wonderful technology.  Writers, trying to keep the attention of the public, have turned to methods of shock, to obscenity and super-sensationalism, adding their clamor to the great noise now threatening the sanity of civilized nations.

A Day, A Life, A Piece of Time

early up boy, with the dark and dark coffee

early to rise, healthy? wealthy? wise?        triple check

early with a slice of silence, mmmmmm good with my coffee

what to do with an up early, trained like my running family, soldier life?

we write the DARK, we re-arrange the Gypsy Dust

we air wife’s tire   we write at DHTC      we hit with an old friend and talk teaching

and later-we wash our pants and watch a western

the breeze and trees

I noticed the breeze and wind, on this mountaintop

as they practiced with sticks, their martial arts

that the wind blows off the troubled brown leaf or weak branch of the tree-leaving it strong and beautiful

so I thought how the wind could blow the troubled thoughts and branches that lead to more trouble off me and out of my mind      why not?

I only hope it does not blow into the ear of another and take root in their brain

I hope it melts into fresh, clean rain in the heat of the sun

This and That: Impedes on the Now

this. . .is this

that. . .is that

please help me God or the devil, or ghosts of mine

to vacum out my head, slice and surgically remove the scar tissue of THAT.

I am here, but not.

I want to be now with the log I sit and write on.  With this moss, or ant, breeze, rain or sunshine. . .only

but I have memory of this or thought of the future. . .that.  both I’ve no control.

if Santa asked me what I want, “I want the now, just the now.”

Turtles 5, Sharks 0

Living in Hawaii, we have always snorkeled.  At least for the past 18 years we have snorkeled.  Recently we have had snorkeling take the place as our #1 recreation from our beloved tennis.  We have started to frequent Hanauma Bay.

My wife was swimming when she first arrived from China, and something brushed her leg and scared her.  It was a turtle flipper, and he was with two buddies swimming below her.

My daughter was stand up paddling with an ER doctor friend, when they looked below them, and there was a turtle crusing along.

The man from Prescott, Arizona was in town, and we went out to the North Shore.  Would you believe that some turtles were actually body boarding in the waves out there?  It has become a tourist attraction and a congested mess there.  But, we went before all that.

Now for my personal story which happened yesterday.  My wife and I were pretty far out by the buoys that say “DANGER”.  We were getting tossed around a bit, but seeing the usual array of colorful fish.  I came around the corner of some large coral/volcano rack, and who did I see?  Hello turtle.  Live and in person, we looked at each other face to face.  I hung out for a minute looking at him/her, then I thought “do not disturb”, and we went on our way.

I had to pay the price with some coral/rock knee and belly skinning, and a little itchy spike from an urchin in my big toe.  But, what a thrill.

The other time, with the two gals from Prescott, we were at the Big Island black sand beach, when my young daughter was going to run and jump on a rock.  “No!”  It was a mother turtle and she was laying her eggs.  She did not jump on her back.  Soon, the Park Ranger had layed out some signs and got the folks to stand back and give her room.

I do want to see a small shark in the water sometime.  I have seen eels, octopus, jellyfish, whales, dolphins, and seals.  But never a shark.  Add this, I don’t want to see a big tiger or bull shark either.  The young pro surfer from Kauai lost her arm to a big guy like this.

I just want to see a small shark sometime, and I will have pretty much “hit the cycle” as far as snorkling and fish watching goes.