About Dr. Jack “Diamondback” Veenum’s Snake Lab

Louis Marvin’s grandfathers made Jack Veenum promise, to the twangs of Waylon Jennings, beer and tequila in the John’s Green Gable Restaurant just off 24th Street in Phoenix, that he would take care of Louis when he grew up.

They dusted that promise with copper, aluminum and hair clipper oil.  A little Bugle Boy tobacco even slipped into that promise.

RB was slipped into the equation, by way of the Veteran’s Affairs Section of the ASU Registrar’s Office in Tempe.  It was love/hate at first Gypsy spark eye flash.

The rest of the gang was picked up along the way in the deserts and mountaintops when Jack was venum hunting for the University of Arizona.  The snake hunter has bagged Hug Honor, CCBB, Peabody Winston, Dr. Wang, Ed “Tough Gut” Wilson, The Escort, RAB, Sandra Sue, and it has been an honor to work with Misty and Jihane in their artistic endeavors.


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