Dawn of Un-Reality

the girl heard a sound outside of her window, the rustle of these green things, the high pitched cries of some winged things, and this that felt cool on my face, what is it momma?  momma?  daddy?  both mesmerized by screens, and the uber/un-reality.  They nodded toward the girl, but could not tear their zombie hands from the plastic flesh of the screens.

Yes, you want all of the world to have the internet, yes you want us all to sway and rock to the beat of cha-ching, paying in shit coin, for the un-reality, paying it to you while you take a vacation to some island, swimming with beautiful fish with your children un-plugged.

The new poor will be poor in soul, poor in spirit, poor in reality, poor in compassion, and rich with the alternative universe and the artificial intelligence.  When we do not use our brains, our deep souls (deep web), our love of humanity and family, but instead worship at the house of the coded god, then we will truly have  lost ourselves to the electronic devils.


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