12 & 13


Scientists created an artificial intelligence made up of William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal interviews, soundbites, programs, and all of their writings.  It is a real love hate relationship, but the intelligence and needed thinking is spot on.

As a teacher, I had the kids watch the news programs about terrorism, and the global warming epidemic.  Then, we spiced up the pie and cakes with this new dark matter energy vampire model.  I thought that it was their world, and that the kids should have a crack at solving the problem.

A boy said, if it was caused by an explosion, can’t we create an implosion to send them back?  Another thought that we could vacuum them up like in Ghostbusters.

When we sent these ideas to the Buckley/Vidal hybrid, it ridiculed us, then retracted this, and said we may be onto something.

We will be working with our science department on this.  So much for the young and dumb theory.  They just needed a dark, tentacled life sucking monster to focus them.




Something happened on a plane.  Some of the folks were hit with the dark tentacles just as they were downing their airline chicken.  They thought their souls were being sucked dry by this poor cuisine.  Even the creatures winced as they sucked up the airline food through the passengers.  When the jet went down, the only thing that survived the wreck was the bland, bland mashed potatoes.  Lose/lose was the outcome.  The passengers had as their last meal, airline cuisine.  The creatures had indigestion, and were reluctant to go after any flights from this time forward.  It was a collective energy consciousness, and they burped with that little bit of vomit in their throats as one.


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