Obscured by Mediocrity

Sometimes excellence comes along, and the rest are so mired in their mediocrity, that they get that mud in their eye, and while the kids are being bathed in starshine, their obscured eyes only see mud and they try to tab you muddy and dirty with them.

But, that starshine begins to dry the mud, and you hope that the dried mud flakes off and they begin to see what you are doing.  It is not your intent to upstage anyone in your domain.  In fact, you are not after pats on the back or “that a boy!”‘s.  You are there for the betterment of the human race and passing ideals of character, literature, community, a love of learning, and heaven forbid-fun,  on to children of different races, skin color faces, religions, and gene pools (even though we all crawled out of the ocean, and we were all refugees).

So the mud and the crap, with a little quicksand abides in their eyes and tangles their boring-same hair-dos.  You walk in a professional shirt and pants, trying not to get it on you, but someway, somehow, they will fling it on you, even though they are blinded by the dark.


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