Turtles 5, Sharks 0

Living in Hawaii, we have always snorkeled.  At least for the past 18 years we have snorkeled.  Recently we have had snorkeling take the place as our #1 recreation from our beloved tennis.  We have started to frequent Hanauma Bay.

My wife was swimming when she first arrived from China, and something brushed her leg and scared her.  It was a turtle flipper, and he was with two buddies swimming below her.

My daughter was stand up paddling with an ER doctor friend, when they looked below them, and there was a turtle crusing along.

The man from Prescott, Arizona was in town, and we went out to the North Shore.  Would you believe that some turtles were actually body boarding in the waves out there?  It has become a tourist attraction and a congested mess there.  But, we went before all that.

Now for my personal story which happened yesterday.  My wife and I were pretty far out by the buoys that say “DANGER”.  We were getting tossed around a bit, but seeing the usual array of colorful fish.  I came around the corner of some large coral/volcano rack, and who did I see?  Hello turtle.  Live and in person, we looked at each other face to face.  I hung out for a minute looking at him/her, then I thought “do not disturb”, and we went on our way.

I had to pay the price with some coral/rock knee and belly skinning, and a little itchy spike from an urchin in my big toe.  But, what a thrill.

The other time, with the two gals from Prescott, we were at the Big Island black sand beach, when my young daughter was going to run and jump on a rock.  “No!”  It was a mother turtle and she was laying her eggs.  She did not jump on her back.  Soon, the Park Ranger had layed out some signs and got the folks to stand back and give her room.

I do want to see a small shark in the water sometime.  I have seen eels, octopus, jellyfish, whales, dolphins, and seals.  But never a shark.  Add this, I don’t want to see a big tiger or bull shark either.  The young pro surfer from Kauai lost her arm to a big guy like this.

I just want to see a small shark sometime, and I will have pretty much “hit the cycle” as far as snorkling and fish watching goes.


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