Stress/Anti-Stress: Based on Master’s Special Message

These are tips given based on Master’s Special Message on “Stress Management”, with thoughts from various characters that I and LM have had the pleasure of knowing, storing and unleashing from the cell of our cranium.

He says:  What worries do you have?  What are you stressed about?

Hug Honor of Modern Histories and Philosophies Magazine replies:  Time is the greatest gift, for it contains in it our brief life and the period we occupy in this space on earth.  When we try to keep up with “the modern”, which is:  AI, computers, apps, phones, watches, cars that go bump in the night driverless, books on a screen, robots, nano-technologies, new space explorers, war by simulator, renewable energy, sleepless nights where we coffee up and work until we drop, DNA tampering, neuroscience, and things we have yet dreamed of, it is no wonder that I as a man can’t keep up.  My silly attempts are futile to assimulate into the BORG, and over-stress for the BOSS/BORG.  Yet, here I write this syrup for man/machine banana pancakes.

I turn the key at 7, and I pour the heart-soul-mind of me into the youth of my class-community-island-state-country-hemisphere-world-universe.  I finish, spent and happy with the day’s effort.  I turn the key at 3 and return home to family.  So the simple answer is, the electronic may hum on, and it may have 10,000,000 volts.  But, I don’t have to wet my temples and sit in the electric chair and be fried for a murder I never committed.  I am innocent, and I have given all.  So, since it is up to me, I choose to not be stressed and/or worried.  McFerrin said:  Don’t worry, be happy.

He says:  They have the same global issues of worry, such as human relationships, monetary, and old age.

Dr. Eir Wang of Sludge-Bot Incorporated and the leader of the (Yi-Er-San/E-R-*/1-2-3) Project says:  Take care of your important others such as husband-wife, kids, parents, siblings, and various close friends.  Work well towards the goal of forwarding your community, be it a homeless patch with your tents, California with the draughts, China with its toxins and pollution, America with its “agenda” to control all, or our own ideas of controlling space.  In other words, take care of those you can while the bastards blow off bombs and try to poison your potatoes and rice.

Say a thank you prayer for the roof over your head, the mode of transportation, the good book you read, the cello you hear, and the whispering wind, sunshine, and slight rain.

Old age?  Why color your hair?  Why slice your face, ass and breasts?  Why take pills to have have an artificial boner and now a female yearning after you have had a beautiful baby?  Why yearn for another time, when this time is so precious and NOW.  Live in the moment, and damn the torpedoes.  Say a nice prayer in the moment, before impact.

He says:  . . .if the people criticizing you are not so remarkable, their criticism could be useful.

Peabody Winston of Peabody Winston and Sons Country Store and Bait Shop in Prescott, Arizona sat in his rocker, took a swig of Schlitz, spit out some Beech-Nut chew, and pondered out loud:  a lot of folks don’t like it when we take a wife beater or a pedophile that the system let sneak through the cracks out back, and belt their skulls and break a bottle off in their ass, yet deep down they admire our strength to not only load the shot gun or bait the hook, but to also pull it at catching time.  You can’t fry the fish, or smoke the venison if you can’t get some guts on you from the splashback.  They may criticize our methods, or our personalties, but, they admire our mettle and ability to pull on our boots and “get it done”.  I’ll take the barbs of criticism if we can rid the community of the human waste.  “Who am I to say who is who?”, asked my church pastor.  I told him, “Why don’t you ask the trembling, bleeding child or woman about that pastor.  You take care of their souls, and me and the boys will take care of their bodies out back.”  Amen.

He say:  Being too sensitive is a type of sin.

Dr, Jack “Diamondback” Veenum, University of Arizona Herpetology Department Head, who has the good fortune to work with Phoenix Zoo, Reid Park Zoo, Prescott Zoo, Desert Museum, and consults with the E-R-*, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Mesa Community College, Yavapai College, Grand Canyon University, and Prescott College, had this to rattle out:

When I was a graduate student my professor was telling me that my method of gathering snake venom was too risky.  I didn’t listen to him and continued to milk them the way I had self-taught.  When the inevitable day came when I slipped like he had illustrated, within the beat of a heart, I was struck.  I was so sensitive to his critique of my method, that my pride and my skin was bit.  My sin was my pride, and a poisoned man loses that quickly as he foams at the mouth and goes blurry-eyed.  When I asked him how he knew I would get bit, he showed me his first scar and said, “I had done it that same way back in the day, and my snake wrangler tried to show me the error of my ways.”  We all get bit, then we tell the next fella or gal to be careful.  Human nature and growth will always be the experienced passing the truth to the inexperienced.  Life and venomous snakes have a way of teaching us.


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