The Father/Daughter Singles Event 2015

What is it?  This features former #1 ranked Men’s Open Singles Player (Hawaii 2012), and former #1 ranked Women’s Open Singles Player (Hawaii 2014).  The catch?  While a team, they were the #1 ranked Open Mixed Doubles team in USTA Hawaii Pacific in 2012-2013-2014.  But, all good things come to an end.  After losing a contentious battle to the Aloha State Games champions, they are retiring to their respective singles corners.

They go out the way they came in when the kid was 9 years old.  They lost 3 setters in Kailua to the Open champions at two different events.  That first year they lost three 3 setters, but dad thought, “If she keeps it up, we are going to be #1 in the opens.”

Upset?  No way, after three #1 rankings, 4 Aloha State medals, a parent/child USTA championship, a GLTA championship, a few HPTF championships, and having played in Kailua in the Turkey Open and a fund raiser for special needs folks.

When we were not at it playing, we were coaching together at Diamond Head for Friends of Diamond Head, coaching together at Kaimuki Christian School, Special Olympics, and Hongwanji.  The kid is an apprentice PTR coach.

She won team championships with her school in the ILH and Northern California.  She took home Little Mo, Hawaii State Junior, and Nike Summer Sectional Championships to boot.

Now, we warm each other up and root for each other.  Our mom/wife is our player coach, nutritionist, doctor, and real estate agent.  Between the 12-13 generations of doctors in the family China, and the 10th tennis champion from the other side of the Arizona family (grandpa, grandma, granddad, cousin, aunt, great aunt, dad, uncle, and mom), she has quite a legacy and quite high standards to live up to.  No sweat, just pass the Gatorade.


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