Saturdays With My Daughter

“Dad, I don’t want you to send me tennis things.  You’re not my coach anymore and it just clogs up my e-mail.”

That hurt.  No more education, college, and generally interesting stuff either.  I am out of her social media loop.  Whew, what a relief.  Some parents would be sad.  I know we built a solid foundation, and her school teachers and coaches, college counselors, and her Chinese “tiger” mom will take care of “it”.

Saturdays are mine, as we prep the kid to play four more years of Women’s Open Singles tennis in this section.  She has already been #1 in the Open mixed, and this same Open singles last year.  She was 7-1 in JTT Open 18s doubles when she was 11.  She won doubles crowns in the Nike Summer Sectional (with 1/2 of the state high school championship team), the Hawaii State Jr. Open, and the Little Mo championship with the #1 ranked 18s player in the state (against the other current state doubles high school champion).

What is left?  Well, with the exception of playing at night under “bat-like” conditions, which is with sonar because of the poor lighting (night is for sleeping, not for tennis championships).  Of course the people eating steaks and drinking beer like it.

Work with you father.  Warm up, stretch, jump rope, hit mini-tennis, warm up all the strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, swinging volley, return, serves and overheads).  Play a no-ad set, or some tie breaks to include super ones.  Do sprints with the ball on the lines, and run the lines for a cool down.  Do it most Saturdays for the next three years.

Gradute with solid grades, good character, a couple of #1 Women’s Open Singles Rankings.  Continue to teach tennis, and sprinkle in a dose of volunteerism (as an apprentice PTR coach).  Dad says, thank you for your time.  See you at college graduation, your wedding, and let me take the grandkids to the movies, tennis courts, and beach.


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