The Alien Reincarnation of Billy Swan/I Can Help

We intercepted a signal on our planet.  It said, “I got two strong arms, I can help.”  Then it said, “It would sure do me good to do you good, let me help.”

So my production unit packed me away into this ship, and they located two other versions of the song.  There was an Elvis Presley, and this drummer named Ringo Starr from a group of humans called The Beatles.  They played that for me in a continual loop while I grew up in the lifegiving syrup.  I travelled the galaxy to Earth, where the music came from.

I am an alien from another planet, and it sure did me good to help with:

special education, Special Olympics, asthma clinic, deaf and blind school, Headstart, Have a Heart, Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, Palolo Chinese Home, Ala Wai School, Army Adopt-A-School, Job Corps, donations to: University of Arizona, Iolani, Waikiki School, Kawananakoa, Kaimuki Christian School, Friends of Diamond Head Tennis

coaching/teaching at Tucson Racquet and Swim, Oahu Club, Peterson AFB, Mesa Parks and Rec., Colorado Springs Parks and Rec., Jason at Randolph Tennis Center, Variety School, Hawaii Baptist Academy, Stevenson Intermediate, Ilima, Kailua Elementary, USTA, ILH and DOE Honolulu

I took a turn as a soldier, teacher, coach, volunteer, and a writer of strange and wonderful things. Because we intercepted a signal on my desert planet that said, “I can help.”


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