Eye Jelly

If the eyes from fishheads are too big, no matter how you cook it, it will still have jelly in the eye.  I have had the dreaded eye jelly.  If it made you see better, then maybe.  Eye jelly is really a neutral taste, but the weirdness of it, and the fact that it has an eye jelly consistency to it, is enough.  Once, my daughter played a trick and put some of the jelly from an eye that was too big on an actual peanut butter sandwich I had.  It stood out against the stickniness of the PB.  It was more like eye lubricant.  It was a funny trick, and it made me say “Yuck!”

My wife and I were looking at the refrigerated section of the Shirokiya Store in the Ala Moana Mall.  There was the giant eye of some fish, or maybe a squid or octopus.  It was the size of a small dinner plate.  Another man came up and all three of us stared at it.  The guy said, “Man, that is a big eye.”  We just nodded.  Even my wife, the famous fish head eater, thought that she had no use for an eye of that magnitude.

In Chinatown it would not suprise me if we found a jar of fish eye jelly, next to yak milk jam, peanut and tofu preserves, and instead of apple butter, it was some kind of butter that would taste better than it smelled.  The poor child coming home from a Chinese school ready for a snack and some show about the Monkey King, gets a peanut butter and fish egg spread sandwich.  Why not?


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