Baseball: Arizona & Hawaii

There are some things that they have a lock on in Hawaii when it comes to sports.  They own surfing, volleyball, paddling, and Little League Baseball World Series champions.  I told my father that they had teams from two different islands win against the best in the whole world.  He wanted to know how they did that?  The history of baseball in Hawaii goes back to the semi-pro and/or farm teams they had in their island baseball league days.  Still, it is quite an accomplishment when a team from Oahu, and the island of Hawaii both win a world series.

Are we experts?  Well, when it comes to baseball, Arizona is up there with any state with its programs.  They have a pro team that beat the Yankees in game 7 of the world series, in the 9th inning with a lead and Mariano Rivera closing.  Derek Jeter was there when Gonzales hit the blooper over his head.  They have won college world series at both Arizona State and University of Arizona.  Arizona State has the distinction of sending more players to the professionals than any other team in the NCAA.

What about the women?  What about both Arizona State and the University of Arizona winning NCAA Softball World Series?  Yes they have.  Plus, the junior college team in Prescott, Arizona has won the National Junior College World Series too.

One of the sports they had in middle school in Arizona was softball.  The teams were filled with baseball all-stars, and we played both fast pitch and slow pitch.  It was either a 2-1 pitcher’s dual or a 15-12 home-run derby.  We travelled around and played teams with Mexican kids, Native American kids, and others with their own area all-stars.  We were a mixed lot with desert rats of all colors and nationalities.  We were champions too.

So when my dad and I talked about baseball in Hawaii, it was two guys from a baseball state where the pros do their Spring Training every year.  It is a place where they won the MLB, NCAA and NJCAA world series.  Some of those kids from the next Little League World Series team from Hawaii should go to play at the Arizona schools.  You can play in the toughest baseball division in the USA.  You can play in the PAC-12 with USC, UCLA, Stanford, etc.

Arizona knows baseball.  Hawaii knows Little League World Series Champions.


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