Cost Prohibition and Darwinism

As educators we often try to find a link between the real world and the math or the Shakespeare we are teaching.  Of course it is there, and it is up to the educator and their science and art of teaching (pedagogy), to find and show this link.

There are new things in neuroscience and education, according to Johns Hopkins School of Education, and in biomedicine according to MIT’s Technology Review, where advances are taking place that could do great things in the field of special education and mental illness.

I fear that money and power will decide who benefits and where the breakthroughs will be implemented.  A special education team working on a kid’s IEP could come up with the best plan for the child, then be stopped dead in their tracks when the money is short in this public school.

There are homeless folks now living in tents on the sides of Honolulu streets that could benefit from new technologies in the neurosciences and biomedicine.  No, no, not for you.  You can’t even afford a new pair of socks and a can of Vienna sausages.

I thought that maybe money is trumping Darwin’s natural order of things.  Then I thought maybe in the evolutionary scale, money is part of the solution of who wins out and who perishes.  Oh, what a lovely thought for those that live by this creed.  Although some with a conscience feel funny to teach in a school that looks and feels like an old asylum or prison, while their child succeeds in the prep school.

We are at the time in the evolution of man where man/machine, artificial intelligence, robots, and biomedicine will soon rule the roost.  Form will follow function, like in all those bird beak differences in a single species in the Hawaiian Islands.

Like the ability to feed the world, we will have the ability to feed the brains of all the children, and to help the brains of many of the homeless.  Yet, power and money will dictate who, what, where, when and why.  Isn’t it funny that when you see the homeless and their plight, or you drive by the school where you think, “Thank God we got that geographic exemption so my kid didn’t go THERE,” that it is your neighborhood, city, state, country, and world where you have these thoughts?

Man and machine has conjured this us and them scenario.  It makes us feel good about the BMW and not the Ford Escort.  Soon, even those with the money and power may be in an us and them scenario where they are the ones being looked down on.  And, it will have nothing to do with money.


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