When my Chinese girls pray at the temple, they light incense in the four directions:  North, South, East and West.

When the witches were going to do a water spell they too lit candles in the four directions, so said Harkness.

If we work with a private Christian university in Metro Phoenix, that is a direction.  If we work with a cutting edge university in the desert of Tempe, Arizona, that is a direction.  If on an island, working with a university in the beauty of Manoa, of course that could be a beautiful direction.  And, there is a school where the “Father of Modern China” attended.  They have a statue of him there.  If we could work with their kids, with their technology and science departments, where kids would be helping kids, we could have kids in both public and private schools pointed in divine and wonderful directions.

Standing in the middle of this beautiful wilderness, it sounds to me like no matter where I point my boots and walking stick, it will be a beautiful trip.


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