Tasty Family Salad

You know how you get to different parts of your salad?  You don’t always get to choose what they put in.  The dressing you choose is all over it.  Maybe some cool dressing like the Newman’s Own, who has given a lot of great flavors and help to special kids and places that do good things.  Tasty.

Well, this Swede on an island, by way of Arizona, by way of Minnesota, by way of Ryker’s Island in NYC, by way of Sweden, has some tasty family salad.  Our salad has black uncles, Mexican nieces and nephews, Mexican uncles, Chinese wives and daughters, Japanese, gays, copper miners, steel workers, cowboys, police, businessmen and women, chefs, doctors, coaches, military veterans, and teachers in it.

I tell you son, if you can’t find something tasty in our family salad, why don’t you pass that on over to me and get yourself a sandwich from that humdrum shop over there.


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