The Trench & The Sunset (16 years in)

Tell me man, tell me that I’ve never gone to war
tell me I’ve never looked the dragon in the mouth when flames came roaring
tell me I haven’t seen the child in from alien skies
the cauldron of Chinese delights saving my soul one cup at a time
tell me we won’t be there for the gold as well as the hell of battle
Tell me we have had adventures, kisses at midnight, walks in the starlight
will it end? someday, some night, some unseen future when a last breath leaves us
a cold night and sunny day fron now
what will be the prize, what will we have won?
Twas love, and whatever that means, twas something can’t put our heart on
but we can put a boot to it, cuz it was our long path hiked together
through the bamboo forest with a Chinese Viking guide
get in here close, arms stretched a mile wide
Take me to China town, and haggle for my love and that golden ring
Wo ai ni


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