Future Vet

“I want to bring out Dr. Kay, who is our head veterinarian on the E-R-* project. Dr. Kay is also a researcher for Northern Arizona University. Dr. Kay.”
He gets to the area with the other two women, and he says, “10,000,000 to 1 or not, I’ll bet we don’t have another monkey loose on a ship.”
“I want to address the children. I know how important it was to see Mrs. Sax and Angus each week. What I can do on behalf of Janet Sax, is to make weekly reports for the kids on what we do for and with the animals at the project. I can also talk to you from Flagstaff, Arizona where I do the research.”
She clears her throat. There is a picture of her with Angus playing with her stethoscope.
“Pets are very important for the well being of our folks in the ocean, the Moon and Mars. We encourage you to keep pets, and please make sure all safety precautions, the legality of the pets, and their shots are adhered to. This was a tragic accident, but it won’t change our perception of how great animals are. And, they are important. Thank you on behalf of the Yi-Er-San.”
She waves and walks off, while the press secretary begins to take questions. Hug Honor is on his way to meet Jack to get the protocol on what he can report on.


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