What if the Deadly Flew in From the Beauty?

Dr. Jack “Diamondback” Veenum of the University of Arizona’s Reptile Department and head of the Dr. Jack’s Snakes Den Writers, asked Roo Bardookie and Hug Honor to do something in Hug’s Modern Philosophies and Histories Magazine. He said, “That ebola virus was very scary. What if some of these new airborne viruses got out and about? Can you imagine that Roo?” She could.

An eduction leader was coming from a beautiful island, flying to another beautiful island. Both international airports. One where they filmed the rings and Hobbits, the other where they got “lost” not too long ago. Two educators met. Their common bond was the school in the Arizona Tucson desert. It is the university with the world class medical school.

They let the guy that was “lost” come into the airport and meet with the professor from Tucson, who is now residing in Mexico too. They had a lunch, some laughs, and traded something far more significant. First, the international airport on this island where Pele and Maui reside, really does have travellers that disperse to the far reaches of the globe. Add to this, the professor was going to be flying into one of the most heavily populated regions in the world. Mexico City.

This sickness, spread its deadly aloha from the island, then it got into the population in Mexico. Did we mention that there was also a layover in another of the busiest U.S. airports? Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. Adding a fresh layer of carriers and dispersers.

This is how, in conjuction with weakened immune systems from overdoing antibiotics, and the sudden proclivity of parents not getting kids and seniors immunized for this and that, it spread to the far reaches of the United States and the globe.


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