Experiment: The Great Ant Destruction and Magical Resurrection Chamber

A Work in Progress. By the country store and bait shop owner Peabody Winston of Peabody Winston and Sons Country Store and Bait Shop fame and the ants.
He is writing something for Dr. Jack’s Snake Den writers tentatively called:
Peabody Winston’s Tales from the Front Porch for Kids. Grimm like tales for the modern kid.
We thank Quebec, Canada artist Jihane Mossalim for her artwork (bullfrogs, chimps, etc.)
And it goes like this:

One day Carl fell asleep at his favorite place to picnic. It was on Magic Island, next to Ala Wai Harbor on the left, where the S.S. Minnow took off for a three hour tour, and the Ala Moana Beach Park on the right.
Leopold the genius ant came upon the scene. He had smelled the cake.
He laid down some scent, and the ants took Carl apart piece by piece, like ants will do.
They put him back together in the Magical Resurrection Chamber.

Then what happened?

The kids on the porch, snacks in hand, concerned faces, his son leaning in the store entrance, waiting for Peabody to continue this twisted picnic tale, were told.
“What happened Jimmy Wharton?”
They thought it would be the artificial intllligence that would do the human race in. Created by man, surpassing man, taking away man, as not needed. Kind of how Shakespeare stories sometimes go.
It was an insect that decided man’s fate. It was the tribe of the ant. The ants from all around the world communicated to each kind of ant: army, black, red, stinging, giant, small, tree-living, blind cave dwelling, and every other ant on this earth. They decided, man be damned, computers not thought of, robots unknown, what they were going to do. They decided to do away with every animal, every species, every living thing on the dry part of the planet. They had an inkling that cockroaches would survive. That was OK. They could be used as food and as something to take their minds off the ant civil war that would follow the destruction of the others from the tree of life.
The ants decided to work out the kinks on the long forgotten project called the “Resurrection Chambers” from the time of other ant civil wars, when one of the ant groups wanted to revive their fallen solders, often returned in pieces. They would bring them back to life, to fight another day.
The ant scientists like Leopold the genius ant worked on the chambers night and day. Until, they had perfected them. They chose man as the “pet” project. They would attack them at picnics, or where they slept, bringing food for them so that they could survive the nuclear holocaust.
The ants found one lazy sentry at a rocket silo, attacked him, and formed a chain so that they could push the button to begin the Earth wiping World War III.
We laid an ant scent trail around the computer, around the robots, around your pollutants, around your superiority. We stored up humans as our eyes, ears, and “big bodies” to get things done for us. We are superior in strength, in scientific capabilities, in the group mentality to get a common cause done.
The cockroaches were a suprise. The radiation did not stop their reproduction habits, and so they multiplied. The ants worked together to wipe them out, various colors and types working to dismember the usually larger roaches. They tweaked the bug scare mechanism in the captive humans, so they happily stamped and crushed the roaches then they came upon them.
The acrobats and flying ants would fight air combat with the roaches when they flew away. They were safe nowhere, as the usually smaller ants would hunt them down, in the air or on the ground.
The leader ants would have the armies pull back just enough to let them breed again, preventing the civil ant war, in having a common enemy to unite them.
At the entrances of the ant tribes, the men and women would lay down, and be picked apart. The ants then reanimated each evening in the resurrection chambers. They were fat and happy with cakes, cold cuts, dips and potato chips from picnics that were stored in the refrigerator chambers from picnics before the antpocalypse.

“Awww, Mr. Peabody.”
“What’s that Jenny?”
The girl looked at her shoulder and screamed. It was a big black ant. One of the boys flicked it off her. Peabody looked at his son in the doorway and winked. His son shook his head and chuckled under his breath, then blew out some hot air.


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