Three Tennis Men Gone

Today my friend Eddie left Hawaii for Arizona. He has Lou Gehrig’s disease, and more than likely I will never see him again. We put some things together there that included the challenge courts and the Diamond Head ladder. He gave me a lot of candy and I gave him rides home. He was a good guy, and I will miss him.
Joe Wolf, who played tennis and raised his boys at DHTC, passed away a little while ago. We still see his wife and I have had his kid in classes. Joe was one of the top mountain climbers in the world. I enjoyed playing with him. He was in such great shape from the mountains to include his lungs and legs, that he could wear guys out in matches by going for three hours and not breaking a sweat. They, on the other hand, were spent.
Herb Neils was a rancher and Montana man. For his 80th birthday present to himself, he razed his barn and rebuilt it from the good pieces and trees from his own land. He was felled too early. He was a Diamond Head player and champion in Big Sky country. When the boys would take out his daughter, he would tell them what time to have her home by, while patting his six shooter in his holster. When we had BBQ, he provided venison and other meats that he had hunted either in Hawaii or Montana.
They don’t make them like these three guys, as they are originals. They are missed. I am glad I played with them and was their friend.


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