Connectivity In Herbology

As I am reading The Book of Life by D. Harkness, I just read about the lavender that will soon be hanging, and how this writing connects:
The herbs and things that were purchased by my Dr. Wife of the Chinese ancestry, whose mother still keeps hours in the herb shop below her apartment
The shop in Flagstaff where my wife was matching up the Native American versions of the same plants and herbs they use in the Chinese named versions
The herbs hanging and drying at the Tucson Botanical Gardens
My imaginary, very minor witches and magic folks as compared to the witches of Harkness (great and strong women characters)
My own daughter who is an east meets west child, who we hope forwards the medical ideals of her family ancestry through herbs and right eating
And yes, the actual tea from those same herbs and snails and puppy dog tails that I drank, and once again have put me back on the trail of health
All from a simple passage of writing, which proves, the herb is mightier than the sword (scalpel)


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