A Simple Island Day With the Chinese Girls

Our Chinese wife and mother, dropped the desert rat and the Chinese Viking at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  The stomping grounds where the two of us, she rode on my back then, found delight in turtles, penguins, flamingo, koi and large, black submarine fish.  We walked and talked about when mommy and I got married, with our doubles partner and dredging engineer expert as our witness in front of the judge.  Then on to Kauai for our honeymoon.

We walked along the beach in front of the Hale Koa military hotel, where we saw a ghost ship with a pirate flag flying.  We turned left at the Shorebird, with a filled bar of drinkers and cheerers of the NFL playoffs.

We walked inside the Waikiki version of a strip mall with all the Rolex and Varducci dresses and shoes, not to mention 100+ dollar aloha shirts your bags could carry.  Get us out to the green of the park, before we barf back up that meal we had from the Cheesecake Factory the evening before.

We cut across the street and walk down dogwood lane in Kapiolani Park, through the football fields, to our beloved Diamond Head Tennis Center.  There, mother waits to play the couple from California who owns a condo at Ko Olina.

My partner of 18 years, and 2 time #1 ranked mixed player in Hawaii and the Southwest, is looking pretty in her pink outfit.  She does her usual magic, and we come out on top in all 3 sets.  There is nothing to do but finish the evening at the sushi place we like by Bogart’s coffee and sandwich shop, which is next door to my daughter’s elementary school:  Waikiki.

What a way to spend a day (life), with the Chinese girls.


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