The Letter

The Letter
Dr. Wang was going to re-read the letter that she wrote while she listened to Don Cherry’s “Lonely Woman” from his Old and New Dreams. Her father taught her a love of music. She liked it all, and knew there was good and bad jazz, rock, Hawaiian, classical, show tunes, country, church music, new age, and hundreds more. But to exclude whole genres because you heard a bad song? That was preposterous, and the joke would be played on you. So she sat down, got comfortable in her reading chair, stirred her tea, took a bite of a sesame cookie, and turned on her computer to Hug Honor’s Modern Philosophies and Histories Magazine. It was dated today. Prior to her letter her friend Hug wrote:
Imagine. Imagine by John Lennon. Imagine if big brother, was not a big brother at all. Big brother is a big sister. The world’s big sister. The big sister that would take over if ever your parents were not able to raise you. A big sister that would slap a bully’s face if he took your lunch money. A big sister that would be looking out for you 24 hours a day. A big sister that would do the right thing regardless of the consequences. If this is the type of big sister that you would like to have in your family, then let Dr. Eir Wang be your big sister. She is the head of the Yi-Er-San Project (yi-er-san is the phonetic spelling for 1-2-3 in Mandarin, which is Dr. Wang’s second language-which she can read, write and speak proficiently). Recently some bullies have attacked Dr. Wang and her family. They need a slap, or a punch, or a verbal dressing down in front of a hostile crowd. Instead, I give you a letter penned by Eir Wang, which she was adamant about in having it printed in its entirety.
Thank you, Hug Honor

A Letter to friend and foe,
I am writing this as an open letter to the world. We are busy getting the project off the ground. We are busy running a billion + dollar factory in California. I am busy with my life and the private life that I choose to keep private in a day of transparency. I am busy maintaining my relationship with one of the most powerful women on our planet. I am busy watching my strong parents become weak and frail. The bottom line is that I am a person just like you, and I have the same hopes and goals, the same aspirations, for myself and I hope for the world.
Alas, this is where we differ. I would smash a glass ceiling, taking the stitches, taking the glass in my hair and eyes, taking the injury for my future women leaders, mothers, generals and admirals, leaders of world and space projects, teachers and construction workers, engineers, farmers, ranchers and deep space and ocean explorers, who usually do more in a day with family and friends in nurturing then than a man might do in an entire month. Let’s face it, we should always be negotiating for more pay than men. But, I do not advocate this. I advocate equality in gender, race, religion, socio-economics and anything else that makes us unique. I advocate a willingness to work hard, to make of ourselves the best we can possibly be in this new world and universe. I advocate the chance to have what Jefferson described as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do not take my life if we differ in opinion, do not take my freedom if we differ in opinion, and then let me as a man or woman pursue a vision of how I can raise myself and then my family. In 1968 the Church and School of Wicca wrote as their creed and mantra: If it harm none, then do as you will.
I believe that this means to honestly think about what your religion, company, power, or way of life is doing to others. If it harm none. You have to give genuine thought to this. We are not children that want a toy and say mine, mine, mine. The instant gratification of those young years. If you grab the toy away such as water, clean air, freedom, safety, or life because you have the power to do so, then you are a stunted individual, company, or religion that is trying to make it “right by might”. You lose out on the fact that when you fuck the world, you fuck yourself. When you screw an individual, you just screwed yourself. My neighborhood, my kids, my house, my family, my money, my car, my, my, my. . .it is now not just a world, it is a solar system that has been created to clothe, feed and house us all. Let me say those words again. When you fuck somebody, you are fucking yourself. This is not an imposition, this is a catastrophe.
What women wanted in the cave man days was a man that could save her from the bear or lion, that could protect her from other cave men that would plant their seed in her, a cave man that could provide food, water and shelter. It was simple survival. Then the brain evolved. We have come so far.
We have come so far, but we have always brought with us a tool that has not served us well. A problem for many that gets in the way. It is a simple premise that I put forward. What we have done is misunderstand that opinion is not fact. This has hurt us in Salem Witch Trials, in Naziism, in our governments, our ways of practicing religion, or discarding whole races, genders or religions of people because our opinion was thought of as fact. We take our opinions, misguided as they may be by religious dogma, or the bottle of booze, or in needles or pills, or in parent nightmare upbringings that haunt us into our adult years and we wield them as never changing fact. We use our opinions to come up with weapons, wars, and tortures on the battlefield and in our private homes. We use our opinion and forge swords out of them, we forge shields out of them too to stand behind and let nothing in.
We say ours is RIGHT, yours is WRONG, so I can kill you. Or, my opinion is that my power or wanting of the gold nugget, yacht, cherry wood desk with matching cigar holder in my den is more important than the fact that I will hurt others, or even discount their lives to get these toys.
If it harm none, then do as you will.
Some might look at the prior words, and say I am harming them by having this opinion. I say it again, I am writing this letter as opinion. I was advised to tone it down by The President. My love of my life said to tone it down a bit. Some others read it and said the same. I disagreed with their opinions. It does not make me want to kill them, abuse them, punish them, hurt them, keep them from educations, or keep them in the dark so they can’t have an opinion.
OK, OK get to the point. I am a busy man or woman.
The point is that I am being attacked by religious groups, by powerbrokers, by countries, by world leaders, and by anyone with an opinion that differs from mine. I am being attacked, so far, with words only. But as my friend said, it is terroristic threatening. I am trying to lead men, women and children to the new frontier, the new freedoms, the new possibilities to lead productive and fulfilling lives, and I am being attacked from all sides.
How is it that when you try to better people’s lives through education and nurturing, you are construed as a threat?
We have managed to put together a coalition where each and every child has an equal chance in this world, regardless of their circumstance to live and thrive in the “Ever Changing Triangle” that is formed between the Earth, Moon and Mars. How does our wanting to better the lives of our world citizens possibly cut into the power or agendas of others?
We advocate possibly, we advocate the future, we advocate gender equality, racial equality, religious equality, socio-economic equality, and an equality of chance if one wants to work hard.
The future we can work on. The past we can’t change. Looking back fondly and nostalgically is not wrong. But, not being able to differentiate between the two is not good. Just like not being able to understand that opinion is not fact leads us to trouble.
To each man, woman and child we will give to them using the best of our abilities:
Life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness.
We are working to benefit all mankind, and if and when it be so others from around this universe with this idea: If it harm none, then do as you will.
I do not take my responsibilities as the leader and the big sister of the E-R-* (yi-er-san), lightly. I do not believe in the previous statements when it suits me to do so. I live righteously, until I need that new flat screen TV, or I want to hold down an entire gender because a higher power told me so. These higher powers are usually the opposite gender of the ones being held in check.
To my detractors I say think, to my benefactors I say thank you. To my supporters I say, continue on in this quest of trying to make the world and solar system a better place.
Thank you, Dr. Eir Wang Yi-Er-San (1-2-3) Project


A Simple Island Day With the Chinese Girls

Our Chinese wife and mother, dropped the desert rat and the Chinese Viking at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  The stomping grounds where the two of us, she rode on my back then, found delight in turtles, penguins, flamingo, koi and large, black submarine fish.  We walked and talked about when mommy and I got married, with our doubles partner and dredging engineer expert as our witness in front of the judge.  Then on to Kauai for our honeymoon.

We walked along the beach in front of the Hale Koa military hotel, where we saw a ghost ship with a pirate flag flying.  We turned left at the Shorebird, with a filled bar of drinkers and cheerers of the NFL playoffs.

We walked inside the Waikiki version of a strip mall with all the Rolex and Varducci dresses and shoes, not to mention 100+ dollar aloha shirts your bags could carry.  Get us out to the green of the park, before we barf back up that meal we had from the Cheesecake Factory the evening before.

We cut across the street and walk down dogwood lane in Kapiolani Park, through the football fields, to our beloved Diamond Head Tennis Center.  There, mother waits to play the couple from California who owns a condo at Ko Olina.

My partner of 18 years, and 2 time #1 ranked mixed player in Hawaii and the Southwest, is looking pretty in her pink outfit.  She does her usual magic, and we come out on top in all 3 sets.  There is nothing to do but finish the evening at the sushi place we like by Bogart’s coffee and sandwich shop, which is next door to my daughter’s elementary school:  Waikiki.

What a way to spend a day (life), with the Chinese girls.

The Wolf Howls

the wolf howls

the wolf draws

he devours what he sees

then his wild animal soul spits it back out on the page

with love and rage

his pens and pencils spew out his soul

so we can see if he wants us to see

if he wants his art to be free

please, grey wolf, let us see                         LM  1-15