Overheard by Ed “Tough Gut” Wilson at Hawaii Tennis Courts

Ed “Tough Gut” Wilson, from the East Hollywood Tennis Club and Trailer Park, was visiting some old friends on Oahu.  There he heard some interesting new spins on some old tennis situations.

When you are getting killed in a set, a fella said, “Man, we look like the guy that bet $5000, and his betta came out on the wrong end of a Chinese fighting fish death match.”

Somebody hit a really tough shot, and they said, “That’s as mean as the metal spur on the leg of a champion cock.”

When an opponent turned the tables in a great point, they said, “Wow, you flipped us over and went for our throat like a pit bull on Saturday night.”

In high level tennis the greatest thing you can take part in is when it gets to 4-4, 5-5, or 6-6 in a set.  It is a really hard fought, well played affair.  He heard somebody say, “Now we are in a real dog fight!”

Good tennis, fighting roosters, bettas, and of course pit bulls.  Hey “Tough Gut”, this ain’t the mainland.  Now get on back to Burbank!


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