LM 50-What to do With A Cold, Shaky Puppy at School?

What good is my All Army sports jacket?  Well, in working at one of the special education rooms kept at near freezing temperatures (does this help or hinder the child’s brain?), it is good to have that black, white and yellow garment.

A lady teacher that I like, with grand visions for the world, and who had recently brought home a little puppy for her military veteran mother, brought that critter to school.  I began the day on the other side of the room, with only the yaps and quick scurries of the dog to our area in the morning.  In the afternoon, I was to work with a very nice kid, who has both special needs and English Second Language issues going on.  Plus, time to be with that shivering puppy.

After the boy had done his work, I sat there watching a video on an I-Pad about Walter Cronkite reporting on JFK’s demise in 1963.  The puppy was shivering, while I sat comfortable in my jacket.  What to do?  Seventeen years after earning that jacket by playing for a team that both Arthur Ashe and Stan Smith had played for, it was put to best use.  I bundled that little puppy into my jacket.  Between my belly warmth and the coat, he peacefully fell asleep to the strains of the USA’s reporter Cronkite.  Comfortable for all concerned, even in the shakiest of times.


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