Ed “Tough Gut”Wilson on Progeny/Golden Slam

I’ve done some crazy things over the years on and off the court.  None more than playing with my wife and daughter.  They of menopause & teenage angst age.  But, to get ranked #1 with both of them in the same year?  Yes.  To win events in the same weekend with both?  Yes.  Ranked #1 three years in a row in our USTA section in Open Mixed?  Yes.  Having done this, and narrowly escaped with my sanity and jugular intact, I think it is time to exit stage left.  Thank you girls for giving it a go.  The WBTA can now go back to  hit, giggles and beach time.

On the other hand, I have secretly played with a partner relocated from the D.C. area.  A stealth bomber of a player, a real killer drone if you will.  With a record of 9-0, and 5 championships to include a senior gold medal and a #1 Men’s Doubles Ranking, my man Black.  We are trying to win our sectional version of a golden slam.  Not to be confused with the Denny’s grand slam, which has a little more meat in it + all the coffee refills your nervous system can take.

So “TEAM”, it has been a real pleasure playing with all of you with the ups and downs a season can take.  One thing we know for sure, we have koa bowls to spare.  But, just like where the pineapples have gone, these are not Hawaiian, but made in the Philippines.

This crew in the WBTA has managed to pull off 14 team championships.  4 decades of “TEAM”:  80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s-USTA, ILH, NJCAA, NCAA, Armed Forces, etc.  We are tired.  Has anyone seen the snorkel masks?


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