The Lioness and The Firefighter’s Wife

The Lioness and The Firefighter’s Wife

by Sandra Sue

PUBLISHED in that old fashioned, not yet obsolete book form by Red Dashboard LLC  in Clarify-Annapurna Magazine 2014 Anthology-Volume I (I gave my copies to Don & Doug)

I got to know the hot shot’s wife from about a year ago when the tragedy took place near Yarnell. That is the one that took the lives of the 19 good men. They died doing what they loved to do, or at minimum had an obligation to do and did it with pride.
My husband and I were the former presidents of the Prescott Lions Club. He was the men’s, I was the Lioness’ President. Our group, like so many others, helped to raise money for the families.
At coffee and cinnamon rolls at a local Prescott eatery, I told the young woman that you can and must go forward for your family. I used my life as an example.
I went to ASU and met my husband, dropped out of school and had my kids in Burbank. We travelled all over the U.S. and had a good life. Then, we divorced in Arizona around 1980.
There was some money from my husband, and we had a house in a place called Ahwatukee. But, it became apparent to me that I must get back to school and get working for my kids and me to have a better life. I enrolled in a business school in Mesa, did work for them while I studied, and earned top marks.
I then found a job at a construction company that makes trusses for roofs. I did well, but found a better job in The City of Tempe working for the Tempe Police. I worked my way up from there into City Hall, and was eventually working for Mayor Harry Mitchell.
I had dropped out of ASU where my aunt, husband, daughter and son all got their degrees, while I ended up helping to run the city where that great university is.
I tell you this young widow and mother, “Go back to school and strive for your children and yourself.” I did this, and I know that you can too. Then come and talk to my daughter and me about getting into the Lionesses and you can help the next woman that needs it.

July 2014

Sandra Sue and her daughter are still in the Lion’s Club. And, Prescott is still home.


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