Mane Attraction

She was tired of the last second heroics, the mega-naps while she watched the cubs, and the damned hair.  He sleeps all day, wakes up from time to time to do his mane.  Then, the occasional  play swipe or two with the cubs, the angry roar to scatter them again, then back to sleep.  Probably with his damned pride and joy for the world to see.  He will turn over on his back and let it hang out.  I wish one of the cubs would use it as a chew toy.

True, he held the pride together.  He took on all comers, with me helping to lick those wounds and gashes.  He was good behind the acacia tree.  I’m in heat, he’s like a rock.  His piss was pungent enough, to go along with his ass whippings,  scaring off the scrawny bachelors.  He is in his prime.  But, I am going to have to lay the law down.  Me and some of the other girls are going to demand some me time away from the cubs.  We are going to have him pick up the slack and do some stalking.  Even tonight pisses me off.

He got his fill of this zebra, then walks off to roar into the night.  I can hear his tomcat yowls right now.  My sister has the cubs, and I got carcass duty so they can bring the old and young to eat.  Hurry up.  I know those damned hyenas.  Oh shit, I can hear them and those weird laughs.  Oh no!

Out of the dark, she sees their eyes reflect the moonlight.  They surround her and go into attack mode.  She moans and roars to the pride.  She is going to have to fight NOW.  One of them nips her haunches, then darts out.  Near miss.  Someone bites her and runs.  Cut!  She swipes another bitch right in the face and maybe popped an eye.  Another nip and cut.  Her blood starts to trickle, and the smell of that and the zebra innards helps to start the maniac laughter.

Suddenly, leaping like death descending with both arms outstretched he lands on the back of a leg biter.  CRACK, as his full weight and his jaws shut on the backbone.  Done.  He wades into the fray and starts to tackle and bite anything he can grab.  A second goes down, a third.  Fuck this!  They scatter.  The rest of the pride are running towards the scene.  Even cubs and old folks get into the picture.  The hyenas disperse and reform out in the night.

He stands next to her while her sisters lick her wounds.  His hair looks good.  The cubs and old folks start to finish the zebra. She decides to wait a while before making those demands.  He could use a good nap, and maybe she might help him with his mane.


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