Dawn of Un-Reality

the girl heard a sound outside of her window, the rustle of these green things, the high pitched cries of some winged things, and this that felt cool on my face, what is it momma?  momma?  daddy?  both mesmerized by screens, and the uber/un-reality.  They nodded toward the girl, but could not tear their zombie hands from the plastic flesh of the screens.

Yes, you want all of the world to have the internet, yes you want us all to sway and rock to the beat of cha-ching, paying in shit coin, for the un-reality, paying it to you while you take a vacation to some island, swimming with beautiful fish with your children un-plugged.

The new poor will be poor in soul, poor in spirit, poor in reality, poor in compassion, and rich with the alternative universe and the artificial intelligence.  When we do not use our brains, our deep souls (deep web), our love of humanity and family, but instead worship at the house of the coded god, then we will truly have  lost ourselves to the electronic devils.


40 Years in Competitive Tennis (1976-2015)

40 years ago we played our first match in the Boy’s 12s Doubles in 1976.  A little give and take?  No, it was a crushing by the #1 ranked team in the U.S., Palmisano & Livingston out of Albuquerque.  But, Joe Ersinghaus and I played again.  In our second 12s tourney together in the semi-finals, we were down to two boys from Mexico 0-5 in the third set.  We won it in a tie-break, then captured the tournament at Vista Hills in El Paso.  My grandma had that trophy in her house for many years.

Today, on a beautiful Sunday at the Diamond Head Tennis Center, I will be going for a gold medal in the Men’s 50s Hawaii Senior Olympics.

What happened in these 40 years of tennis?  In a small nut shell:

High School team and singles championships in Arizona with Corona del Sol.

A Coca-Cola Southwest 18s doubles Championship.

A West High Invitational Championship.

NJCAA Championships-Mesa Community College.

NCAA Big Sky Championship-Weber State.

Armed Forces Championships-Army.

Southwest Championships.

Fiesta Bowl Championships.

City of San Diego Final at Balboa Park & Semi-finals in La Jolla Open.

Hawaii State Open Championship.  (both father & daughter)

#1 rankings in Southwest, Arizona, Phoenix, Hawaii, Colorado.

Ranked #1 with Wife & Daughter.

Finals with wife, daughter, mom, dad, & brother-in-law.

Finals in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Wyoming, Virginia, Germany.

Played and won in China, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Italy, and Germany.

Defeated Grand Slam finalist & Davis Cup Captain, 2 UCLA All Americans, several nationally ranked players, various Davis Cup players from other countries, #1 Japan Sr. player, #1 China Jr. player, #1 ranked NCAA D-II team, PAC-12 Team #1 Seeds-ASU, PAC-12 #1 Player-UA, took a 6-1 set off a several time #1 world ranked senior player, got the best of some gold ball winners, and even took a couple guys with ATP points along the way.

Coached, volunteered, and officiated as USTA, USPTA, PTR, and Special Olympics.  Co-coached with my daughter as she was a PTR apprentice.

I have had the pleasure of playing in over 1000+ finals from 12s to 50s.

Truly:  TENNIS-the Sport of a Lifetime.

Thank you Jim Munsil, mom & dad, Brian Cheney, Mike Van Zutphen, Jim Reffkin, Dr. David Porter, Bob Cox, Ahwatukee Racquet Club, Tempe Racquet & Swim Club, Kiwanis Tennis Center-Tempe, Tucson Racquet & Swim Club, El Paso Tennis Club, Friends of Diamond Head Tennis Center, All Army Sports & Colonel Dick Green, Robert Harrison, Jack Blezard, Jerry Hubbard, and of course to our Wang-Beckvall Tennis Academy.  And thank you to all I have played, coached, or those that put up with my tirades, rants, and mad antics as partners, foes, directors, or officials (sorry-no sportsmanship awards for me, but I was awarded a commendation from President Clinton for coaching, playing, and volunteering back in the mid 90s).

12 & 13


Scientists created an artificial intelligence made up of William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal interviews, soundbites, programs, and all of their writings.  It is a real love hate relationship, but the intelligence and needed thinking is spot on.

As a teacher, I had the kids watch the news programs about terrorism, and the global warming epidemic.  Then, we spiced up the pie and cakes with this new dark matter energy vampire model.  I thought that it was their world, and that the kids should have a crack at solving the problem.

A boy said, if it was caused by an explosion, can’t we create an implosion to send them back?  Another thought that we could vacuum them up like in Ghostbusters.

When we sent these ideas to the Buckley/Vidal hybrid, it ridiculed us, then retracted this, and said we may be onto something.

We will be working with our science department on this.  So much for the young and dumb theory.  They just needed a dark, tentacled life sucking monster to focus them.




Something happened on a plane.  Some of the folks were hit with the dark tentacles just as they were downing their airline chicken.  They thought their souls were being sucked dry by this poor cuisine.  Even the creatures winced as they sucked up the airline food through the passengers.  When the jet went down, the only thing that survived the wreck was the bland, bland mashed potatoes.  Lose/lose was the outcome.  The passengers had as their last meal, airline cuisine.  The creatures had indigestion, and were reluctant to go after any flights from this time forward.  It was a collective energy consciousness, and they burped with that little bit of vomit in their throats as one.

Aristotle and Plato Had Meetings and Paperwork Too

they didn’t just teach, or be great thinkers Like Einstein thinking and winking, Hawking flying through black holes and doing TV interviews

we are teachers, who have enough to do on any given day with that most precious cargo—–your children

we must meet this, paperwork that, password here, there, and everywhere

I just want to teach.

But, it seems like I always have a stack of impending deadlines, which want to get in the way of this magical day

I have a protective classroom force field, and I do not let “your” thing, get in the way of “our” thing

LM  11/15

Obscured by Mediocrity

Sometimes excellence comes along, and the rest are so mired in their mediocrity, that they get that mud in their eye, and while the kids are being bathed in starshine, their obscured eyes only see mud and they try to tab you muddy and dirty with them.

But, that starshine begins to dry the mud, and you hope that the dried mud flakes off and they begin to see what you are doing.  It is not your intent to upstage anyone in your domain.  In fact, you are not after pats on the back or “that a boy!”‘s.  You are there for the betterment of the human race and passing ideals of character, literature, community, a love of learning, and heaven forbid-fun,  on to children of different races, skin color faces, religions, and gene pools (even though we all crawled out of the ocean, and we were all refugees).

So the mud and the crap, with a little quicksand abides in their eyes and tangles their boring-same hair-dos.  You walk in a professional shirt and pants, trying not to get it on you, but someway, somehow, they will fling it on you, even though they are blinded by the dark.


a grain of sand rolled down a peaceful mountainside, and it started an avalanche, small at first, then unrelenting, until all in its path was being crushed, destroyed and pushed asunder

the grain of sand, who was just a little tiny piece of rock, he looked back at the destruction he had caused, and said to the crushed, dying, bloody, and mangled:

I did not mean for this to happen.  I did not realize my own strength.  I am sorry.

Holiday Poodles

Mrs. Cranston, her husband used to check her and her whims at the door of decorum and good taste, has taken to dying her poodles for various holidays.  She has five dogs.  Her husband has passed.

She dyed them rainbow when the Gay Pride parade was in session.  She proudly marched.

Christmas and they are red and green.  Halloween she goes orange and black, with various masks.  For Veteran’s Day, they have little uniforms.

At Thanksgiving, she has little outfits of colonists and Wampanoag.

For Chinese New Year she dies them red with yellow stars like the flag, and they carry sparklers.

The dogs are humble, and they don’t mind using the bathroom behind bushes to keep up the illusion.

The Mixed Human Salad

On a bed of lettuce, we have Swedes, Mexicans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Blacks, Okinawans, Arizonans, Local Hawaiians, Minnesotans, gays, police, firemen, military, business people, real cowboys-girls, teachers, coaches, doctors, professors, real estate agents, and some damn do-gooders.  Sprinkle on some Lion’s Club presidents and a Special Olympics coach or two.

Dig in to our family.  Please use Newman’s Own dressings.

Saul Bellow Writes:

On page 276 of Saul Bellow’s “There is Simply Too Much to Think About”, in the writing called A World Too Much With Us, he writes:

For a very long time the world found the wonderful in tales and poems, in painting and in musical performances.  Now the wonderful is found in miraculous technology, in modern surgery, in jet propulsion, in computers, in television and in lunar expeditions.  Literature cannot compete with wonderful technology.  Writers, trying to keep the attention of the public, have turned to methods of shock, to obscenity and super-sensationalism, adding their clamor to the great noise now threatening the sanity of civilized nations.

A Day, A Life, A Piece of Time

early up boy, with the dark and dark coffee

early to rise, healthy? wealthy? wise?        triple check

early with a slice of silence, mmmmmm good with my coffee

what to do with an up early, trained like my running family, soldier life?

we write the DARK, we re-arrange the Gypsy Dust

we air wife’s tire   we write at DHTC      we hit with an old friend and talk teaching

and later-we wash our pants and watch a western