I love people: when I am alone on a lake

Daughter of the Chinese Revolution vs. A Bad American (by way of not devouring the BS)


I tell the people, “I love you, fuck off”  and I do love them, if I am on a lake in Prescott, AZ rowing a boat by myself looking at the fish, birds, and ducks coming up to get the bread I am tossing


I love them when I am cruising the island while they head off to work like rats in a maze in the opposite direction


I love them if I am not in the damned Dante’s inferno of the mall with millions writhing in fiery levels of hell by way of molten lead escalators, buying this stupid shit instead of doing something worthwhile with your dinero


This beautiful Chinese lady tells me you have to get this job or that so that we have medical insurance, since she is self employed


No I say, as I eat a daily piece of garlic, exercise, take lime or lemon juice in every glass of water, and eat mostly vegetables and stuff not of bird asses or cow tits, or cut from the muscles of animals (have you seen the strength of the gorilla or orangutan?-they eat jungle salad), and breathing to mental health


Do not believe that rolex watches, Iphones, and working for “the man” will get us any faster to heaven or hell


It will just make the trip miserable, now pass me that AARP magazine and I will see what Morgan Freeman and Goldie Hawn are up to


Jimmy Stewart Referenced

The Good Girls, The Wonderful Life


Shoes drop on the lanai, after a day of teaching, coaching, mentoring

Or, just forgetting a bad one


A good wife made my lunch

A good girl did her homework

A good partner put the ball away

A good island warmed my soul with sunshine and ocean spray


If I didn’t listen, read, or debate the government bully bastards


I would just think:

What a simple, little, wonderful life I have

On dates with my wife

Or, a kid to the heights


Says I:

“You can’t fool me, it is a wonderful life.”

Fweedum: Fudd

Complete Freedom


No past lurking like a phantom

The future?  Not tricking me today into possibles and impossibles

All untrue, untrue


The caffeine I am weaned


Booze, a distant memory of last weekend’s 3 pints

Gordon Biersch with a Chicago teacher


Aches and pains from my beloved sport?

Not a knee, ankle, wrist, back, achilles, shoulder, or calf

No advil in sight


Worry about the wife and kid-no way!

They more likely to worry about me. . .the Chinese Queen and Princess


Arizona clan?  They got their pine breezes, lakes, and Trader Joe’s


Worried about living on an island?

Teaching and coaching?

Writing in the mornings?


You see, I would have to make up some ills and blackness

Like an actor


Why?  When real life is so sweet, and the freedom you can taste

time out



24/7?  Kiss my ass

If ever the phone rings

That says I have won money

Really made money for me

Then, “answer the phone!”

Or by God and AI, let me check my 50+ e-mails

In any given week


I would rather have peace and quiet, solitude

And the ability to use technology

Not have it use me


LM  3-18

ROO: Zombie Killer

The zombies are here!


Brains, brains. . .


The zombies are the people crossing crosswalks


In cyber world

Addicted to the brain and soul eating device


The zombies must answer ring, ping, and text


The zombies are easy to manipulate, easy to scare, easy to LIKE


E-Z to mind f_c_


The zombies are here!  Straight, queer, cross-bred, well fed, destitute, rich or poor, the zombies are whores for the next hit of NOTHING


We have slipped and shipped your brains into the netherworld

Now what to do with all this excess skin, butts, guts and body parts?

Good God, let’s eat!!!


Roo Bardookie

Horror high priestess          3-18

Dr. Eir Wang Saves the World

Chinese Medicine for the Earth


Dr. Jack “Diamondback” Veenum                                                                       March 9, 2018


Powermonger motherfuckers.  I don’t think there is a phrase for this in Mandarin.  Dr. Eir Wang of the Yi-Er-San(1-2-3) project has to say that in English.  OK, “Powermonger motherfuckers”. I am going to bypass you and do the things the people of the earth want.  They clamor for mother earth to be healed and we have the Chinese medicine to do it.

These projects will make the sludge-bot look like child’s play.  Although picking up the oil is still numerous and disastrous and will be needed, these projects can actually heal her.

I’m talking Earth Cupping, Earth Acupuncture, and of course Earth Tea Remedy.  She’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated. A senior earth with wisdom and the great body to match.

George Carlin once said that someday the earth will just cough and shake off man like a dog shaking off fleas.  We feel empowered to stamp our idiocy and short-sightedness onto mother earth while God, the heavens, and other beings look at us like the cosmic joke we are.

Mother, we are going to put your chee right, get the blood flowing, and put into you what you need to heal.  Our steel will go deep into you and turn on the healing electricity, our suction will flow the blood-lava next to your mountain spines, and into the ocean where the dead spots tragically sport bleached coral and rotten fish corpses, we will pour tea that will bring back the reefs and the sharks and the fish.

The United States is a fiction.  The land of great this or great that.  It is a land of the billionaire charade.  China seems to truly want to make changes for its people and the world, and Dr. Wang wants her and her company in on that.


If yours is a country with a needle, cupping, or the medicines dropped, you receive the direct benefits.  Dr. Wang, United Nations monied with character made sure that not only the rich countries received the benefits, but that none were held above the rest.

Einstein/Hawking/Sagan speaking was as important as a severely handicapped or a mentally disturbed person’s words.  All countries with equal say, equal power.

Herbs and elixirs that were to be dropped into the oceans, lakes, rivers, and still waters like ponds, were to provide maximum benefits to the flora/fauna of the ecosystem.


Sustainability of H2O, land use, air

Needles, cups, teas

Clean water for all

Energy use    No fooling

Sun, wind, water

Into battery systems

Food systems for all

Animals both wild and domesticated


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of animal happiness


Chicken, Banana, Cat

Banana Chicks and Striped Wood Cats


By Peabody Winston


Let me start by saying I have a few quick stories on this army man’s antics with chickens and cats.

“Where it’s at?  I got striped cats, pet roosters, and feral chickens.”

Peabody, of Peabody Winston and Sons Bait Shop and Grocery scanned the adults and kids gathered on the porch of the store.  Prescott, Arizona. In rocking chair. On lake.

In the story teller’s quiet, you could hear the creak, creak of his old wood rocking chair.

“Folks, this army man came from Phoenix way, but ended up on an island in the Pacific with his Chinese banana eating girls.”

Banana chicks?  Sure. But, I now speak of the time he took a banana and fed the chicken and her chicks his morning breakfast banana.

A striped cat came out of the woods, who the man feared would go for the chicks.  Nah, they were all friends.

Not so with the scoundrels who did away with two of the families three baby roosters when they lived in the Lutheran Church visiting pastor’s apartment.

Be it cats, rats, or mongoose, one baby rooster disappeared without a trace.  And once, when the Chinese woman was washing dishes, she heard a ruckus and came downstairs.  All that was left were two floating feathers and a memory.

The rooster pet who lived would hop on the man’s shoulder and then head as he came in from work, to the delight of his of his three year old daughter.  He would nap on the man’s back when they watched TV together. They liked Green Acres.

When the same army man was younger, he had a manx cat named Angus (AC/DC guitar player), who he wrestled and retrieved paper balls like a little dog.  They even got a little high (sorry kids and parents on the porch), and watched the roadrunner cross Gram B.’s yard on his way to Doc and Jean’s, while their weiner dog went crazy.  This was in Ahwatukee, next to South Mountain Park. Attending Arizona State University, and Corey’s Cabana.

Let’s wrap with another rooster story.  Back at the tropical island. The man got a very nice leather jacket when the University of Arizona was working with education issues in Mexico.  It rarely gets cold enough on tropical islands for leather. But, as in metalheads who love Judas Priest, he was hell bent for leather that morning.

He went up Roundtop/Tantalus mountain, around the same park where he fed the chicks and chicken.  He saw a large gathering of chickens and roosters. He dicided to share his island treat with them.  Spam musubi, nori (seaweed), and rice.

While standing on the side of the road, he fed the chickens.  A swooping and beating of wings came from behind him, and strong talons gripped his shoulder.  Thank you leather jacket!

He fed a full grown rooster rice, who perched on his shoulder.  A car passed and delighted children pointed and their eyes widened.

I’ll conclude at a park where they play tennis under Diamond Head.  There are chickens, parrots, roosters, lizards, mongoose, and cats living in harmony with beer drinkers and hell raisers.  Daily. The man wore his All-Army jacket, and played today. He drank honey crisp cider, and passed out salami, cheese, and German mustard sandwiches.  They concluded with a dark chocolate and raspberry bar.

Peabody and his sons passed out pretzels, twinkies, and Big Red in the Prescott pines.


Peabody Winston    3/18

Dawn of Un-Reality

the girl heard a sound outside of her window, the rustle of these green things, the high pitched cries of some winged things, and this that felt cool on my face, what is it momma?  momma?  daddy?  both mesmerized by screens, and the uber/un-reality.  They nodded toward the girl, but could not tear their zombie hands from the plastic flesh of the screens.

Yes, you want all of the world to have the internet, yes you want us all to sway and rock to the beat of cha-ching, paying in shit coin, for the un-reality, paying it to you while you take a vacation to some island, swimming with beautiful fish with your children un-plugged.

The new poor will be poor in soul, poor in spirit, poor in reality, poor in compassion, and rich with the alternative universe and the artificial intelligence.  When we do not use our brains, our deep souls (deep web), our love of humanity and family, but instead worship at the house of the coded god, then we will truly have  lost ourselves to the electronic devils.

40 Years in Competitive Tennis (1976-2015)

40 years ago we played our first match in the Boy’s 12s Doubles in 1976.  A little give and take?  No, it was a crushing by the #1 ranked team in the U.S., Palmisano & Livingston out of Albuquerque.  But, Joe Ersinghaus and I played again.  In our second 12s tourney together in the semi-finals, we were down to two boys from Mexico 0-5 in the third set.  We won it in a tie-break, then captured the tournament at Vista Hills in El Paso.  My grandma had that trophy in her house for many years.

Today, on a beautiful Sunday at the Diamond Head Tennis Center, I will be going for a gold medal in the Men’s 50s Hawaii Senior Olympics.

What happened in these 40 years of tennis?  In a small nut shell:

High School team and singles championships in Arizona with Corona del Sol.

A Coca-Cola Southwest 18s doubles Championship.

A West High Invitational Championship.

NJCAA Championships-Mesa Community College.

NCAA Big Sky Championship-Weber State.

Armed Forces Championships-Army.

Southwest Championships.

Fiesta Bowl Championships.

City of San Diego Final at Balboa Park & Semi-finals in La Jolla Open.

Hawaii State Open Championship.  (both father & daughter)

#1 rankings in Southwest, Arizona, Phoenix, Hawaii, Colorado.

Ranked #1 with Wife & Daughter.

Finals with wife, daughter, mom, dad, & brother-in-law.

Finals in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Wyoming, Virginia, Germany.

Played and won in China, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Italy, and Germany.

Defeated Grand Slam finalist & Davis Cup Captain, 2 UCLA All Americans, several nationally ranked players, various Davis Cup players from other countries, #1 Japan Sr. player, #1 China Jr. player, #1 ranked NCAA D-II team, PAC-12 Team #1 Seeds-ASU, PAC-12 #1 Player-UA, took a 6-1 set off a several time #1 world ranked senior player, got the best of some gold ball winners, and even took a couple guys with ATP points along the way.

Coached, volunteered, and officiated as USTA, USPTA, PTR, and Special Olympics.  Co-coached with my daughter as she was a PTR apprentice.

I have had the pleasure of playing in over 1000+ finals from 12s to 50s.

Truly:  TENNIS-the Sport of a Lifetime.

Thank you Jim Munsil, mom & dad, Brian Cheney, Mike Van Zutphen, Jim Reffkin, Dr. David Porter, Bob Cox, Ahwatukee Racquet Club, Tempe Racquet & Swim Club, Kiwanis Tennis Center-Tempe, Tucson Racquet & Swim Club, El Paso Tennis Club, Friends of Diamond Head Tennis Center, All Army Sports & Colonel Dick Green, Robert Harrison, Jack Blezard, Jerry Hubbard, and of course to our Wang-Beckvall Tennis Academy.  And thank you to all I have played, coached, or those that put up with my tirades, rants, and mad antics as partners, foes, directors, or officials (sorry-no sportsmanship awards for me, but I was awarded a commendation from President Clinton for coaching, playing, and volunteering back in the mid 90s).

12 & 13


Scientists created an artificial intelligence made up of William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal interviews, soundbites, programs, and all of their writings.  It is a real love hate relationship, but the intelligence and needed thinking is spot on.

As a teacher, I had the kids watch the news programs about terrorism, and the global warming epidemic.  Then, we spiced up the pie and cakes with this new dark matter energy vampire model.  I thought that it was their world, and that the kids should have a crack at solving the problem.

A boy said, if it was caused by an explosion, can’t we create an implosion to send them back?  Another thought that we could vacuum them up like in Ghostbusters.

When we sent these ideas to the Buckley/Vidal hybrid, it ridiculed us, then retracted this, and said we may be onto something.

We will be working with our science department on this.  So much for the young and dumb theory.  They just needed a dark, tentacled life sucking monster to focus them.




Something happened on a plane.  Some of the folks were hit with the dark tentacles just as they were downing their airline chicken.  They thought their souls were being sucked dry by this poor cuisine.  Even the creatures winced as they sucked up the airline food through the passengers.  When the jet went down, the only thing that survived the wreck was the bland, bland mashed potatoes.  Lose/lose was the outcome.  The passengers had as their last meal, airline cuisine.  The creatures had indigestion, and were reluctant to go after any flights from this time forward.  It was a collective energy consciousness, and they burped with that little bit of vomit in their throats as one.